Zucchini Soup

Romanian sour zucchini soup recipe

Every time I try to make something with zucchini, my success is somewhat limited. The fact that I am not a fan might have some saying in this as well but to be honest, they don’t really go that well with pretty much anything.  

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Easy chicken stir-fry recipe, loaded with various vegetables and colorful riccia pasta

Chicken and Veggie Stir-Fry

So I finally bought, which I think is, a good wok. All of my previous experiences using a wok turned weird and unpleasant, every single one I owned was either burned in the process or glued to the food I was trying to prepare. Well, it is 

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Easy, non fail salad with simple ingredients

My Go-To Salad

This is it! I am finally posting my go-to salad recipe. Don’t expect a weird and complicate dish, I like simple things and I have my veggies that I really enjoy no matter the season and time of day. And yes, I have been known to eat 

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Your normal chicken salad recipe loaded with nuts and fruits

Nutty Chicken Salad

Maybe this is not your normal chicken salad, the one that we all got used of eating at the restaurant, but I personally think this is way above and beyond anything you may have experienced. I know, it is a bit too arrogant of a statement but 

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Delicious rice pudding recipe made with coconut milk and flavored with pomegranate seeds

Coconut Rice Pudding

I always considered rice pudding something that kids like or you eat it when you are sick and you need something sweet and somewhat nutritious, mainly to get rid of the medicine taste from your mouth. Well, not anymore. Since I first started to add coconut milk 

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Baked quail eggs into a potato hash basket

Quail Eggs in a Basket

Just like any typical red blooded male I love my breakfasts, and yes I am a dude food blogger. You may think they don’t exist but I am proof to the contrary, rare as we may be. Ladies don’t get your hopes up though, I am already 

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All natural home-made mango lemonade

All Natural Mango Lemonade

Mango has to be one of my favorite fruits when I think about it, but then again, is usually a matter of mood and… weather. Now the last part doesn’t usually work in my favor, especially now in winter time, but make yourself a mango lemonade, add 

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Healthy salad made with kale, Swiss chard and spinach, served warm

Three Greens Salad

I am quite passionate about my salads, though I never had one turned into a single course meal before. This recipe is as healthy as they come, with three different greens that I personally never mixed into a salad before and most interesting, it is served warm. 

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The amazing home-made Romanian tripe soup

Traditional Romanian Tripe Soup

It is finally here! It took me a while to get around to it but I managed to find the will to post this recipe. Don’t get me wrong, I made this soup several times over the past couple of years, but those huge cravings always got 

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Vegetarian dish made with zucchini pasta and roasted tomatoes

Zucchini noodles with roasted tomatoes

Let me start by saying that I am not a vegetarian and my blog’s lack of recipes in that category really speaks for itself but when you see a picture of a dish like this, you know you just might become a convert. Weird enough, this recipe 

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Delicious vegetarian creamy soup

Creamy Vegetable Soup

I have been looking at this recipe for a while now with no idea what to write about. I mean what can you say about a freakin’ soup? I am also quite sure not many people care to read my nonsense anyway. Pretty sad when you think 

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