Smoked Ham and Bean Soup

Classic Romanian bean soup recipe with hickory ham leftovers

I realized, only few days ago, that I don’t actually have bean soup on my blog, one of the most cooked Romanian recipes… ever! I had so much bean soup in my childhood that, by the time I moved to Canada, I never wanted to see it again… until now. It’s funny how given enough time, you start missing all those weird things that you could not take when you were young…er. Anyway, I am exaggerating a bit, I always liked bean soup, my mother used to make a pretty good one and she’s still doing it now in her 80s. 

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Delicious chowder recipe made with fresh salmon and a ton of other veggies

Salmon Chowder

I have never tried a fish soup recipe before, heck all my cooking experience stretches as far back as 2 years ago only but, I always loved salmon and that was actually the impulse I needed to make this dish… that and wife that always bugs me 

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A delicious Romanian recipe with beef tongue and black olives

Beef Tongue and Olive Stew

A while ago I posted my fave stew recipe with pork and olives and the result was pretty much as expected, peeps are normally scared of trying new things, especially when is about food. I did receive some great feedback though, from all the three people that 

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Easy classic spaghetti recipe with giant meatballs and home made sauce

Giant Meatballs and Spaghetti

Winter is here! We had the first snow on November 1st. Oh wait, there was a storm in September as well but I guess that was a fluke so doesn’t really count but now is definitely here to stay. What is worse, is that I am looking 

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Best macho nachos recipe to keep you busy on game day

Spicy Beef And Cheese Nachos

I assume you are not drooling on your keyboard right about now. I have to admit, the picture looks AMAZING even for me and I cannot keep my stomach from growling, though I ate not long ago. I am pretty picky when it comes to food and 

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Traditional Romanian stew with olives and pork tenderloin

Pork and Olive Stew

If you like Romanian recipes but you haven’t tried this one yet, then you don’t know what you’re missing. One of my favorites, pork and olive stew is another dish that used to show very often on my family’s lunch table. Unfortunately, since I left home, I 

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Delicious grilled chicken with roasted tomatoes and olives

Rustic Tuscan Chicken

It seems we are having an Indian summer here in Calgary. After the big snow storm that happened at the beginning of September, all the warmth is simply amazing and I love it. Trees are losing their leaves and everything is bronze and dark brown, perfect time 

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A delicious way to prepare elk if you don't like it on bbq | #game #elk #stew

Elk Stew

I think this is probably the second time I try game and I’m not talking about World of Warcraft. First time it was, what it seems to be like 1000 years ago, a great experience actually. I found some deer sausages (or whatever they put inside) and 

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Easy recipe for a great sauce to serve your tortellini with

Tortellini with Homemade Sauce

Don’t get your hopes up, this is not a tortellini recipe, heck I wouldn’t even know where to start, but if you bought them already (like I did), I have an amazingly simple and delicious sauce that works like a charm. I have to admit, I am 

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galuste cu prune, a favorite childhood dessert

Plum Dumplings

I remember this being one of my mom’s favorite desserts when I was little. For some reason, at some point she stopped making them, but I always kept great memories, especially for Sundays, when whole family was getting together for an extended lunch. Good times, but we 

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Smooth and creamy dip made from white beans | #dips #snacks #appetizers

Creamy White Bean Dip

It’s funny, I usually try to post recipes that go well with the season I’m in, but I keep forgeting I live in Calgary and weather is unpredictable. My wife keeps telling me that there are no four seasons here but she is definitely mistaken, last week 

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